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Beach volleyball is growing quickly- how to create the perfect game-day atmosphere

It is a sport being served up exponentially at schools across the country. Beach volleyball, a sport that was only introduced to the Olympics in 1996, is rising quickly in participation in the high school and collegiate ranks as athletes continue to shift from the hardwood to the sand.

And that may not come as a shock if you stop to ponder and imagine the setting- ideal weather, a fun game-day environment and a love for the game of volleyball which was already one of the most popular sports amongst girls and has seen rising participation amongst boys. Playing in the sand just helps keeps athletes sharp for the original version.

A sport rapidly rising in popularity should be equipped with proper facilities to support its growth. Whether just getting started or an established program looking to enhance its beach volleyball facilities and the game-day experience for all, we’re outlining the importance in investing in the game-day atmosphere of one of the fastest growing sports today.


A recent report released by the National Federation of State High School Associations- its first in three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic- showed the number of girls playing high school beach volleyball nearly tripled in that time span from 2,237 to 6,489. The same report noted the original sport of volleyball itself saw growth amongst girls and boys and surveyed as the second most popular sport for girls this past school year with over 454,000 participants, only narrowly behind track and field. Just this past spring, Florida introduced its inaugural high school beach volleyball season with over 150 schools signing up.

Meanwhile, the American Volleyball Coaches Association (AVCA) notes on its website that beach volleyball was the quickest to transition from an emerging club sport to a championship sport in NCAA history. That all happened in the span of just about a decade and the first official championship took place in 2016. According to the AVCA website, it is the fastest growing NCAA sport over the last five years at the Division I level.


The first step to transforming the game-day experience for your athletes, coaches and fans is to assess your facility and know what you are working with. Questions such as how many courts you plan to use and whether your facility will host tournaments or other marquee contests will be key for your vision and knowing your infrastructure will make it easier to determine the kind of scoring equipment you need. The scoring equipment provider you choose should not only help assess your facility, but carefully listen to your vision with the most innovative solutions to bring that vision to reality.

For example, a venue with multiple courts should not face any obstacles when it comes to the number of scoreboards available for installation, their placement or the controls used to operate them. Nevco is proud to offer handheld controls for beach volleyball that allow the user to have independent control of each individual scoreboard in a multicourt facility.


With a custom beach volleyball solution, the ball is completely in your court to deliver a game-day experience your program can be excited for. After a facility assessment determining the kind of scoring equipment and functionalities you want and placement, your imagination does not have to stop there. A scoring equipment provider that empowers you to design a scoring solution in your own unlimited vision can be the icing on the cake.

Nevco reps are ready to work with you on every detail, allowing you to choose everything from the color of the scoreboard, striping and digits to your preference on the use of custom team names and captions and other features such as video, message centers, signage, truss design and sound. Nevco is also proud to offer the lowest cost of ownership in the industry but funding your scoring equipment and generating revenue can also become easier with the ability to offer sponsorships through your custom-designed scoring solution.

Providing that irreplaceable experience when it is time to hit the sand courts will not only enrich game-day for your student athletes now but also help your program grow and become a pioneer for this sport making immense strides in popularity. Investing in dedicated, quality scoring equipment will in turn make your facility a destination for beach volleyball, opening future doors to host tournaments and other marquee events in the future.


Innovation is just one piece of the puzzle and there may be several options to choose from when it comes to selecting your scoring equipment provider. That is why it is also critical to consider the reputation of the company and the quality of their product.

Chat with other schools to gain insight into their experience with scoring equipment providers, especially those who have beach volleyball facilities of their own. Find out what each company offers and their prior experience with beach volleyball.

  • Do they offer limited options, or do they have the capability to cater to your specific needs?
  • Can you attain everything you need with one stop from start to finish or is anything outsourced- even customer service?
  • What is their follow-up protocol post installation? Is training provided to guarantee you are happy and comfortable operating your new equipment?

Get the answers you need to questions like these to be confident in your decision and know your facility is in good hands for years to come. The provider you choose should feel like a partner and an extension of your team, guiding you from start to finish and leaving no stone unturned.

Nevco has worked with schools such as the University of North Florida and University of North Alabama to deliver winning custom beach volleyball solutions for this rapidly growing sport. From scoreboards to video displays, sound systems, message centers and more, Nevco’s product line is designed with flexibility and integration in mind to simplify game-day operations and enhance the experience for all- no matter the size of facility.


If you are interested in learning more about how to bring a custom beach volleyball solution to your facility, you can call 1-800-851-4040 or visit to get in touch with your local scoring and display solution consultant who is committed to helping you from start to finish to find the right solutions for your school.