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Holland Hall Installs a Nevco Hybrid Scoreboard

TULSA, OK – Today, Holland Hall School installed a new hybrid scoreboard from Nevco to support football and field hockey on their new multi-use field.

Hybrid scoreboards, available exclusively from Nevco, offer many of the features and functionality of a virtual scoreboard at a cost that is comparable to a traditional, static scoreboard. Hybrid scoreboards are like getting several scoreboards for the price of just one because they enable organizations to use one piece of equipment for multiple sports, making it ideal for an artificial surface or turf field that hosts multiple sports.

The new Model8302 Hybrid Scoreboard features a large, 4ft x 16ft LED matrix that can display sport-specific information for both sports, like Ball On, Down, YTG and QTR for football or Shots and Saves for field hockey. The scoring solution also features a full-color 6.75ft x 9.5ft digital message center above the scoring area. Both displays can show paid advertisements, in-game animations, or other announcements and messages for the fans.

Holland Hall is a prestigious private school for students up to Grade 12. Their sports teams compete within a division of other schools in the area, most of which have updated facilities. Their aging,traditional scoreboard stood out in all the wrong ways. Holland Hall wanted to upgrade their scoreboard to an LED system that would offer the flexibility to score multiple sports on one impressive, integrated scoring solution.

Nevco recommended a hybrid solution that combines video and traditional scoring. By integrating an LED array with a traditional scoreboard,the Model 8302 Hybrid Scoreboard gave Holland Hall a more affordable,world-class scoring solution for multiple sports, including football, soccer and field hockey, using the Nevco Sports Composer software. In addition to traditional scoring features the LED portions of this system can show dynamic advertising, in-game animations, player profiles, informative messages, videoclips, team mascots, statistical information, along with the time of day and temperature.

“Our new scoreboard will make Holland Hall sports an even better experience for our student athletes and fans,” said Athletic Director Steve Heldebrand. “This hybrid scoreboard gives us the most bang for our buck and sets a higher standard for school sports programs in our area.”

About Holland Hall School

Founded in 1922, Holland Hall strives to offer a challenging and supportive environment for each student. It is accredited by theIndependent Schools Association of the Southwest; recognized by the OklahomaState Regents for Higher Education; a member of the National Association ofIndependent Schools, National Association of Episcopal Schools, NationalAssociation for College Admission Counseling, The College Board, and since 1968a member of Cum Laude. Holland Hall has been recognized by the Oklahoma StateRegents for Higher Education for superior college preparation. ')}