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GREENVILLE, IL, March 14, 2017 -Harrisonville High School in Harrisonville, MO will be outfitting their fields and arena with new Nevco Video Display and Scoring Solutions.

The main attraction of the new equipment upgrades coming to Harrisonville, includes a large full color LED Nevco Video Display that stretches over 25’ wide and will have the capability to provide football and soccer fans with live video and instant replays; game scores and statistics; graphics, sponsorship messages, and other information throughout events. In addition, the Wildcat community will hear the Nevco difference with the Stadium Pro™ 1000 Sound System discreetly mounted above the outdoor video display.

The football and soccer field at Harrisonville High School won’t be the only location on campus getting Nevco upgrades this spring. The Wildcats Baseball and Softball fields will be equipped with new Nevco inning-by-inning scoreboards complete with interchangeable Electronic Team Names and decorative truss accents.

Harrisonville High School will also work with Nevco to enhance the game-day atmosphere for indoor sporting events with the addition of an LED Full Color 10mm Video Display. The display will excite Wildcat fans like never before with in-game action, colorful fan prompts, and sponsorship messages. The indoor video display will be mounted beside a Nevco Model 2710 scoreboard with Electronic Team Names to ensure fans stay up to date with the latest scores and stats. Each end of the gymnasium will also have auxiliary Nevco Model 2710 scoreboards with additional placement for revenue generating sponsorship signage.

The project is set to install in April 2017.

Check out the winning renderings below and be sure to check out to see the live install photos!


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