Several factors play into what makes a football scoreboard the right one for you. Do you play multiple sports on your football field?  Is it important to have your logo and other customized options on your scoreboard? Will you utilize your scoreboard for tournaments, other sports, or even non-athletic events, such as graduations? All of these can be answered with our wide selection of football scoreboards and multisport scoreboards. No matter the number of ‘musts’ on your list, our Scoring & Display Consultants will provide you with knowledge of our scoreboards that fit your needs and work with you through the entire process – from design concept to installation.


The Nevco Difference

View our football scoreboards and scoring solutions in an easy-to-read pdf and check out some of our recent projects.


Have an idea but don’t know where to start?  Our Display and Scoring Consultants will work with you from the start.  You’ll discuss the most important attributes you’re looking for in a football or multisport scoreboard; team colors and mascots; and any unique, customized options – from distinctive trusses to signage flanking your scoreboard recognizing important community supporters. You’ll receive a free personalized, graphical rendering of your full scoring solution that you can show to school board members and potential donors.  Once the design is finalized, your Consultant will notify you of your scoreboard’s arrival date.  Nevco is the industry leader in scoreboards’ on-time delivery.  This means that when you schedule for a specific date, the plan falls in place like it should.  Picking a trusted partner for this investment is just the first step, you also want to know that they will be there when the game is on the line.  With Nevco, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.  Throughout the life of your product, we provide toll-free technical support on our entire product line.


Enhancing your scoreboard can come in phases and products of all sizes on your timeline.  Only Nevco scoreboards allow you to replace and upgrade scoring accessories and add-ons over time to your existing scoreboard.  Whether it’s as simple as adding Delay of Game Timers to your end zones, Segment Timers for your practices, or adding a message center or video display to take your game day experience to the next level.

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Your New Football Scoreboard is Waiting!


Many high schools and universities are seeing the residual benefits of investing in a video display; however they may not have the budget dollars for the scoreboard and video display in year 1.  An attractive “placeholder” sign is installed where the video display will go and when you’re ready, a video display can be added to the existing scoreboard creating a full scoring solution.  See how Metamora High School in Illinois added a video display only a few years after installing the football scoreboard.


Nevco Football Scoreboards and LED Video Displays will visually maximize your impact with fans and why not take their game day experience one step further by ensuring your fans hear you loud and clear. A clear, intelligible sound system can make a huge difference.  Nevco’s Stadium ProTM Sound System can be added to any Nevco football scoreboard and is offered in two sizes, so that you can find the perfect sound solution for your stadium. Your fans’ attention will be captured from the playing of the National Anthem to the sound of the final horn.