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Would you recommend the segment timer product be outside in any rain such as light mist, light rain, rain, flurries, snow, etc.? I just want to clarify the water resistant use of the outdoor use of the Seg-18/14 unit.

The digits are conformal coated and the same that is used in our permanent outdoor scoreboard product. The unit does not have drain holes so if you left it out all season it could eventually fill up. The battery is designed to be quickly swapped out when it’s charged (Like a cordless drill for example). While its connections are gold plated, just like our permanent outdoor Scoreboards, they aren’t watertight so in a pouring or driving rain they could get wet. As long as it’s sitting upright it’s less likely. A few exposures like this isn’t going to hurt it, but if you put it up wet recurrently, eventually it’s going to damage it.