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How do I clean and disinfect Nevco operating equipment for the virus that causes Covid-19?

Nevco recommends following CDC guidelines for high touch surfaces. Clean between changes in operators.

1. There is no need to remove the button overlay as the ink is UV cure, impervious to disinfecting chemicals, and actually printed on the opposite side showing through the clear Lexan. Additionally the top side of this surface is part of what we wish to clean.

2. Use a disinfecting wipe from the EPA List N of approved products:

List N

3. Wipe all surfaces below the display, first in a horizontal and then in a vertical direction. Include the overlay surface, the rubberized button keypad, and portions of the case below the buttons where a user will rest their palms or handle the control. Wipe all surfaces of the hand-held control(s). Avoid pressing in on the red display area.

4. For the MPCX2 product, wipe any and all outside surfaces.

5. Wipe the handle area of the control carrying case.

6. Only a single wipe should be necessary, dispose of properly.