Chapter 1

Display Director™ Chapter 1 – What is Clip Server Software

In this chapter, Nevco Software Development Manager, Kaitlyn Schmidt discusses what clip server software is, and how you can utilize Nevco’s Display Director™ software to serve media to your video displays.

Chapter 2

Display Director™ Chapter 2 – Basic Features & Functions of Display Director

This chapter teaches you the basic features and functions of Display Director™ including: creating new projects and buttons, adding content to projects, pushing content to your display, and how to display live video feed.

Chapter 3

Display Director™ Chapter 3 – Project Management

Display Director™ can store multiple projects, which is ideal for when you’re using your video display for different sports or events. In this chapter you will learn how to create, open, and save different Display Director™ projects to get the most out of your display.

Chapter 4

Display Director™ Chapter 4 – Media Sequencer

This chapter teaches you the in’s and out’s of Display Director’s™ Media Sequencer. Learn how to create a media sequence, add content and transitions, edit it, preview it, and add it to your project.

Chapter 5

Display Director™ Chapter 5 – Audio Playlist

This chapter demonstrates how to add audio playlists in Display Director™ to play audio tracks in sequence, as well as how to create audio playlist buttons and integrate audio playlists into your current buttons.

Chapter 5.5

Display Director™ Chapter 5.5 – Audio & Buttons

This chapter illustrates how to add audio to an existing button in Display Director™, allowing for audio tracks to play in conjunction with the media displayed on the video board.

Chapter 6

Display Director™ Chapter 6 – Layout Creator

This chapter demonstrates how to use Display Director™ to develop and create layouts to zone your video display, allowing you to show multiple media assets simultaneously.

Chapter 7

Display Director™ Chapter 7 – CG Overlay Creator

In this chapter you will learn how to create and utilize Character Generation (CG) Overlays that can display on top of any media being presented through Display Director™. CG Overlays can be used to create announcements, kiss cams, and more!

Chapter 8

Display Director™ Chapter 8 – Playlog

This chapter demonstrates how to access playlogs, which record everything that is played on a video display through Display Director™. Playlogs display the file name, start time, duration, display name, and zone for each media asset. This allows you to provide a report to your advertisers of when, where, and how long their ad was displayed.

Chapter 9

Display Director™ Chapter 9 – Tying It All Together

This chapter ties together all of the previous Display Director™ chapter videos to demonstrate how all of the tools coordinate and work together to produce a polished and professional game-day experience.

Chapter 9.5

Display Director™ Chapter 9.5 – Multiple Displays

This chapter teaches you how to utilize Display Director™ to display content on multiple displays (video displays, scorers tables, fascia boards, etc.) simultaneously, giving you the ability to control your entire stadium or arena with the click of a button.