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GREENVILLE, IL, September 13, 2019 – Ringgold High School in Ringgold, GA teamed up with Nevco to maximize their impact and deliver a brand new Video Display, Scoring and Audio Solution at Don Patterson Field.

The field was outfitted with artificial turf as part of a rebuilding effort by Ringgold High School following a 2011 tornado. Eight years later, the field is now equipped with a new state-of-the-art Video Display, Scoring and Audio Solution eloquently named the ‘Tigertron’. Don Patterson Field serves as the home for several teams in addition to Ringgold High School. It is also utilized by Ringgold Recreation Department and Ringgold Middle School for numerous sports and activities.

Fans attending games at Don Patterson Field will have over 115,000 more reasons to cheer on the Tigers. The brand new Nevco 16mm, Full Color LED Video Display lights up the field with more than 115,000 captivating pixels, standing over 13’H and stretching over 25’W. The video board is controlled through Nevco’s proprietary Display Director™ Software which gives Ringgold the ability to showcase thrilling live in-game action, instant replays, animated graphics, and more. The Tigers worked together with Nevco’s HYPE Creative Services to develop and create custom branded graphics, such as logo animations, headshot templates, and interactive games to help engage fans and generate excitement on game-days.

Further enhancing Tigers game-days is a Stadium Pro™ 1000 Sound System which delivers crisp, full-range, concert-like audio quality that can be heard clearly from every seat in the stadium. The sound system is hidden discreetly behind a custom sound scrim which is emblazoned with DON PATTERSON FIELD.

“The Tigertron is an excellent upgrade to the stadium and we’re proud to have the opportunity to provide Ringgold High School with a solution to meet their needs, said Nevco Sports Video Regional Manager, Jeff Besserman. “The Tigertron will take game-days to the next level, and with the stadium being used by so many local programs, the entire surrounding community will be able to benefit from it.”

Beneath the video display is a Model 3688 Intelligent Caption™ Scoreboard featuring Nevco’s new Translucent White Digits and the Ringgold “R” logo showcased in the center of the scoreboard. Intelligent Captions™ give the Tigers the ability to easily customize team names and change sports for every game played at the field. Adorning the top of the structure is a Decorative Arch Truss which prominently displays RINGGOLD TIGERS in blue and white letters. The structure is accented with non-illuminated sponsor signage flanking the top and sides of the video display, in addition to below the scoreboard. To complete their scoring solution the Tigers added a set of DGT-6 Delay of Game Timers with signage above and below the timers.

Ringgold High School has plans to implement an audio-visual class this year with the intent of having students assist a dedicated crew in running the game-day operation of the video display, including operating cameras, creating graphics, and running promos.

“We’re thinking this AV program will really help us to do what we want to do with [the video display] and to make sure it expands, not just to Ringgold High School, but to the community,” said Ringgold Head Football Coach, Robert Akins. “This will really be state-of-the-art and we’re just excited to have it. With the background of the mountains behind this thing, it’s just going to be beautiful to look at.”

Ringgold High School unveiled the Tigertron at Don Patterson Field in their home opener on August 23. Check out the live install photo below, and be sure to read more about other recent Nevco projects at

 About Nevco: Nevco is the largest private manufacturer and provider of video display, scoring and audio solutions. For over 80 years, Nevco has provided colleges, universities, high schools, park and recreation groups, and other organizations with the most innovative scoring and LED video display products in the industry. Nevco is known for its specialty in designing custom facility solutions, quality of products, and superior long term financial value. Today, Nevco scoreboards, message centers and video displays are used to enhance the fan experience at events in more than 100,000 locations around the world. For more information on Nevco, visit their website at