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GREENVILLE, IL, August 9, 2016 – Metamora Township High School in Metamora, Illinois will experience an enhanced game-day atmosphere at their outdoor stadium with the addition of a full color LED Video Display from Nevco.

The Redbird’s new Video Display will be added and installed above the existing Nevco model 7630 scoreboard creating a full scoring and video display solution.  Metamora’s original scoring structure was built with a temporary, custom sign to stand in place of the video display until key support groups, like the Athletic Booster Club and Metamora Power Football Club, fundraised the amount of the video display.  “We are a fortunate community to have outstanding support from parents and community members to help achieve this goal,” says Metamora Township Athletic Director, Jared Hart.  “The Clubs worked very hard the last few years to bring this opportunity to our high school and demonstrates our continued investment in our student athletes and our students.”

The Video Display is 9’ tall by 16’ wide, and will have the capability to show live play, sponsorship messages, up to date scoring information, graphic animations and highlights.  Planning is also taking place to integrate the video display at their annual Marching Band Field competition, Track Meets through their Hy-Tek Meet Management and Flash Timing F.A.T. System, and Graduation.  Not only will athletes and the marching band get to see themselves on the big screen; students themselves will get to see their work lit up by over 30,000 pixels as the plan is to interweave the new video display and software operating equipment into the high school’s Digital Video Production and Graphic Arts classes. “What a tremendous opportunity to provide our Digital Video and Graphic Arts students with hands-on, real world experience while they’re still in high school.  School assignments now become tangible and captivate the attention of thousands of community attendees every home game.  And we’ll use this captivated audience to visually communicate key announcements and highlight student academic achievements,” says Hart.

Metamora will fire up the video display and unveil it to the community on their annual “Emphasis Night” on August 19th where over 350 participating athletes in fall sports will be recognized along with key community sponsors.  Their first home football game on September 2nd, will be unlike any home game before as the 30,000 pixels bring a whole new meaning to Friday Night Lights.

Metamora Township High School’s addition of the video display to the existing Nevco scoreboard perfectly demonstrates the versatility of Nevco’s products. Nevco’s scoreboards allow customers to upgrade scoring accessories now or in the future. With the end vision in mind, the Redbirds were able to build their scoring solution one piece at a time and add a new visual experience to their athletic events and community activities.

Check out the winning rendering below and be sure to check out to see the live install photos!

22260G-PR_Metamora (2)