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Maryville University Slam Dunks with New Nevco Equipment

GREENVILLE, IL, December 19, 2014– Maryville University in Saint Louis, MO is changing the game for Saints’ fans with the addition of a new Nevco video display and scoring solution.

Fans at the John E. and Adaline Simon Athletic Center will experience a more “up close and personal” game day atmosphere thanks to the addition of the new Nevco 10mm LED Video Display. The display illuminates the arena with over 44,000 pixels and lights up the court in a new way.. The crisp images on the video screen showcase everything from live game action to vibrant animated graphics and sponsorship messages.

The display sits to the right of a Nevco model 2770 scoreboard complete with Electronic Team Names. Nevco Model SD 7-5 LED stat panels flank each side of the scoreboard and keep the crowd informed with accurate statistics. For the annual Maryville Classic Tournament held at the Athletic Center every year, the Electronic Team Names feature each University playing and sponsors have lined up to advertise on the video display.

Check out the new display below and be sure to check out to plan your next scoring solution upgrade!